Sport Video Packages

We specialize in capturing school photos and creating memories in the form of video for various sport seasons. *Starting at $300 a game or $3000 per Season. Video packages can be upgraded to have USBs made for the team. ($40 each)

Sport Highlight Packages


Our sports highlight packages help your team, players, parents, and coaching staff save memories from each season! With our on the ground video, you get close to the action and will have memories to look back on for years to come!

Custom Sport Banner Design and Picture

Starting at $350

Get your team pride on! We can create and capture customized sports banners for your team and individual players. We capture all the images in our studio and composite everything together to your needs! 

Hot Seat Interviews

Included with Highlight Package

We love working with the local sports teams, and with each package, your school gains access to special video segments like our Hot Seat interviews with team seniors, mentions in our pre-game shows, and many more opportunities. These are all free of charge as a thank you to our schools for their support!

The KGP Pre-Game Show Local Sports

Included with Highlight Package

Throughout the football season, we keep up-to-date scoring and the latest action on the local teams, we are looking to expand our pre-game show into more sports as we grow.


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